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I have built a tool/binary (cannot disclose its functionality or usage) in C++ using gcc compiler. as of now it's completely CLI based and supports Solaris 5.9 and Linux SUSE 10 platforms.

I'm planning to build a GUI which will in the backend call the abovesaid CLI binary.

this gui should support atleast Windows 7, Solaris 5.9 and SUSE 10.

I do not want to have any platform specific code when writing the code to build the GUI. what I mean is, the GUI when created for one platform should work flawlessly on other platforms too without the need to tweak the code.

I have narrowed down my search to the following: 1. Microsoft visual studio - Its fine but it's needs to be purchased...I want an open source platform to create my GUI. 2. QT - Many suggested it in the posts. Im looking into it but it seems the source code is proprietary, so Im not sure if I can use it. 3. GTK++ - It seems GTK++ would give more of a native look and feel of the created GUI window.

I want to have a uniform look and feel of the window across platforms. So maybe QT is my best shot. Performance wise would the loading of windows or data in QT be great? and how would be the robustness of the windows created in QT in terms of handling/displaying multiple-data or multiple inputs?

I am pretty new to C++ and QT (I have just started learning the basics), so kindly excuse me if Im asking a pretty basic question here.

Note: this GUI application would be a standalone so I will take care of modifying the registry keys using other means while installing on Windows.

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QT would be a good place to start.

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Use Qt Creator - an open source IDE for Qt framework development, it has free license.

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of course, Qt....

it's docs page was opened now in my browser.


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Can you use gimp on Windows 7, Solaris 5.9, SUSE 10? So probably GTK+ would be another good place to start.

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