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hey i had a PHP+mySQL+jQuery featured section that blocked by Isotope and i worked just fine you can see here

i want to do it in EE matrix but im having a problem with ajax pagination

heres my code for outputting matrix rows to isotope

<div id="container" class="photos clearfix variable-sizes">
   {exp:channel:entries channel="featured" url_title="main-featured" limit="1"}
   {featured_items search:active="Yes" sort="asc" limit="5" offset="0"}
   {if type == "Video"}
      <div class="photo video">
        <img src="{path}_thumbnails/{filename}.{extension}" />
        <a href="{vlink}" class="featuredVideoIcon" t = "video" title="{overlayed_title}"></a>
        <a href="{vlink}" class="FeaturedTitleLink" t = "video" title="{overlayed_title}"><h2 class="FeaturedTitle">{overlayed_title} -- {row_count} of / {total_rows}</h2></a>
   <div class="photo image">
            <img src="{path}_thumbnails/{filename}.{extension}" />
            <a  class="featuredEnlargIcon" href= "{thumb_image}" title="{overlayed_title}" t = "image"></a>
            <a  class="FeaturedTitleLink" href= "{thumb_image}" t = "image" title="{overlayed_title}"><h2 class="FeaturedTitle">{overlayed_title} -- {row_count} of / {total_rows}</h2></a>



any ideas to get the ajax pagination work ?

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You'll need to seperate your photos from Videos and paginate each using:



As for Ajax you could use:

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