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I wrote a simply Hello World java applet and called it HelloApplet.java. I created an html file for it called HelloApplet.html. Both files along with the compiled HelloApplet.class file all reside on my Windows 7 computer's C:\temp directory. The HelloApplet.html files has two lines:

<applet codes = "HelloApplet" width = 300 height = 300>

From the C:\temp directory I execute

appletviewer HelloApplet.html

and everything works just as expected.

I run into a problem when I add a package statement to the top of my java code. The first line reads:

package applet;

I then change the html file's first line to read:

<applet code = "applet.HelloApplet" width = 300 height = 300>

Still from C:\temp I run appletviewer but this time it doesn't work. The class file can't be found. What am I doing wrong?

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My HelloApplet.html is shown below: –  Dan Schwartz Oct 5 '13 at 19:57

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In Java, When you refactor your code and move your class to a package, you have to move the corresponding file (HelloApplet.java) into a sub-folder named after your package. That means your folder hierarchy should match the packaging scheme you've chosen for your application. This way, if your class is on a package named a.b.c, then your class should be on a {source folder}\a\b\c folder.

In your example, you have to make a new folder called applet in your c:\temp5 folder and move your class into it, then compile and run your code.

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Try to change the code attribute according to the doc

<applet code = "applet.HelloApplet.class" width = 300 height = 300>

and move the file HelloApplet.class to the applet folder.

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That is incorrect. The code attribute should be the Fully Qualified Name of the class, using .. So applet.HelloApplet (as the OP currently has it) is correct. –  Andrew Thompson Oct 5 '13 at 20:18
@AndrewThompson Is it correct now? –  nikpon Oct 6 '13 at 7:42
No! If I'd meant that applet.HelloApplet.class was correct I'd have said that. It is not, the FQN is applet.HelloApplet. No more, no less. That longer forms is 'tolerated', and repeated ad nauseam throughout the tutorial, but not correct. –  Andrew Thompson Oct 6 '13 at 12:02

As moghaddam said, when you specify a package in a Java applet/application you need to reflect the package in the directory hierarchy. Thus, if you have an applet package, the directory tree should be (in your case)

└── temp
    └── applet
        └── HelloApplet.class

and from temp you should be able to execute appletviewer applet.HelloApplet

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