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I am trying to create a relationship between the two tables.

When instantiating a model I get the following error:

from core.models import Activation
a = Activation()
ArgumentError: Class object expected, got 'Table(u'activations', MetaData(bind=Engine(postgresql+psycopg2://localhost:5432/mydb)), Column('id', Integer(), table=<activations>, primary_key=True, nullable=False), Column('valid_until', DateTime(), table=<activations>), Column('code', Unicode(length=30), table=<activations>, nullable=False), Column('created_by', Unicode(length=16), table=<activations>, nullable=False), schema=None)'.


class ActivationMixin(Base):

  def code(self):
    return Column(Unicode(30), nullable=False, unique=True)

  def valid_until(self):
    return Column(DateTime, nullable=True)

  def created_by(self):
    return Column(Unicode(16), nullable=False)

  def get_by_code(cls, request, code):
    session = get_session(request)
    return session.query(cls).filter(cls.code == code).first()

  def __init__(self, created_by='web', valid_until=None):
    """Create a new activation. *valid_until* is a datetime.
    It defaults to 3 days from current day.
    self.code = generate_random_string(24)
    self.created_by = created_by

    if valid_until:
      self.valid_until = valid_until
      self.valid_until = datetime.utcnow() + timedelta(days=3)

class Activation(ActivationMixin):


class User(Base):
  email = Column(Unicode(256), nullable=False, unique=True)
  status = Column(Boolean, default=False)
  salt = Column(Unicode(32), nullable=False)
  _password = Column('password', Unicode(256), nullable=False)
  logins = Column(Integer, default=0)
  last_login = Column(
  account_type = Column(AccountType.db_type())

  def activation_id(self):
    return Column(
        ForeignKey('' % (Activation.__tablename__))

  def is_activated(self):
    if self.activation_id is None:
      return True

    return False

  def activation(self):
    return relationship(

The error is occures with the following declaration:

def activation(self):
    return relationship(
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There seems to be some code that you haven't posted since running just this code would give you other errors as well (e.g., related to the __tablename__ attributes not being properly set). However, the actual error you are getting is probably related to this code...

def activation(self):
    return relationship(

According to the documentation for relationship function, the first argument should be...

a mapped class, or actual Mapper instance, representing the target of the relationship.

However, you are using the __tablename__ attribute, which should be just by the name of the table (a string).

So, try changing this to...

def activation(self):
    return relationship(
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Thanks that was exactly it. – slik Oct 6 '13 at 4:16

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