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I'd like to use Backbone Marionette as a popup window manager. I have already generated DOM structure by the backend of application.

I defined layout and rest of a items, but after integration Backbone regenerates document structure.

Is there a way to stop it if element already exist?

File: main-layout.coffee

  define (require) ->
    require 'sass-bootstrap'
    require 'jquery.cookie'
    Backbone.Marionette = require 'marionette'
    CookieView          = require 'cs!views/cookie-view'
    FooterLayout        = require 'cs!views/footer-layout'
    HeaderView          = require 'cs!views/header-view'
    ModalRegion         = require 'cs!views/modal-region'
    NavigationLayout    = require 'cs!views/navigation-layout'
    template            = require 'text!templates/main-layout.html'

    class MainLayout extends Backbone.Marionette.Layout
      template: _.template(template)

        content     : '#po-content'
        cookie      : '#po-cookie'
        footer      : '#po-footer'
        header      : '#po-header'
        modals      : ModalRegion
        navigation  : '#po-navbar'

      render: () ->
        @footer.show new FooterLayout()
        @header.show new HeaderView()
        @navigation.show new NavigationLayout()

    if _.isNull $.cookie 'po-policy-accepted'
      @cookie.show new CookieView()
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