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I have a NSIS script which asks user for Installation direcory, but I want to ask user for one more temp directory on a new page. Is there a way by which I can add a new page using nsDialogs which specifies a temp directory for eg


and also lets them choose a different directory and then store the value of chosen directory in a variable

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If you just want a dialog similar to the installation directory page, you do not need to make a dialog yourself: you can just call the MUI_PAGE_DIRECTORY twice. Example taken from an existing setup:

!insertmacro MUI_PAGE_DIRECTORY ; <= it will store the selected directory into $INSTDIR

;second directory selection
!define MUI_PAGE_HEADER_SUBTEXT "Choose the folder in which to install the database."
!define MUI_DIRECTORYPAGE_TEXT_TOP "The installer will install the database(s) in the following folder. To install in a differenct folder, click Browse and select another folder. Click Next to continue."
!define MUI_DIRECTORYPAGE_VARIABLE $DbInstDir ; <= the other directory will be stored into that variable

If you need to show the second directory selection only in some cases, you can add a callback to the second page with

!define MUI_PAGE_CUSTOMFUNCTION_PRE some_custom_function

In that callback, test if you need to show the directory selection or not. If not, calling Abort will skip the page.

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Just in case you don't know about this: NSIS installers can create (or will, if using plugins) a temporary folder. You can initialise it using the InitPluginsDir command

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