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I'm totally new to Flex (moving away from Java for now :().

I have an XML file, I read the data and want to add it to a List and then use the List to be displayed.

Something like this is what I want to do:

List data = new ArrayList();

data.add(item1); data.add(item2);

How can I do this, also how will I display the List in a table!!

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Your question is rather... vague.

In Flex there are multiple ways to read data from XML and display it. One approach would be using a HttpService to read the XML. Then you can loop through the data manually or serve it as a DataProvider for a DataGrid.

I suggest you take a look at the Flex documentation, and the flex quickstart. Topics that could help you:

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MysticEarth, your point is accepted, but I need to update an array/List with data, how can I do that without using Datagrid? – Vivek Dec 17 '09 at 9:48

Nerver mind folks, I figured it out myself :)

var hostList : Array=[]; var i: int = numberOfHosts;

			var hostNames: XMLList = hostPointXMLList.elements("HostName");

			for (i=0; i< hostNames.length(); i++) {
				//"num="+i+" Hostname="+hostNames[i]);
				hostList[i] = hostNames[i];
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