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I have installed some python packages in an virtual environment (venv1) that I have created before (using pip, which automatically downloaded the packages and its dependencies), now I need to create another virtual environment (venv2) with a subset of packages installed in venv1. But how can I do without using internet? I figure out some ideas but I not sure if they are possible:

  • By copying the venv1 to venv2 and uninstall unwanted packages
  • By copying directories of the packages in site-package from the venv1 to venv2
  • By extract one by one packages files from venv1 then create the file, fill it according and install in venv2 (hope not, because it will be tedious and can introduce errors)
  • Maybe there is a way to generate eggs from installed packages or extract it with any tool? How?

So what is the better way to do this?


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If in addition to virtualenv you are using virtualenvwrapper (very recommended), you can copy a virtual environment with

cpvirtualenv venv1 venv2

Then you go into your new environment with workon venv2 and you uninstall the packages you don't need.

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I would say copying the venv is the simplest option. However, in that case, when creating the first venv, you need to use the --relocatable flag:

$ virtualenv --help

--relocatable         Make an EXISTING virtualenv environment relocatable.
                      This fixes up scripts and makes all .pth files

For example:

$ virtualenv --relocatable venv1
$ venv1/pip/install somepackage
$ cp venv1 venv2

Then you can just use cp on the venv.

Otherwise your venv won't be copyable/movable because it contains absolute paths.

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You should be able to just copy over stuff under site-packages; make sure you look inside .pth files and change the paths accordingly. – Erik Allik Oct 5 '13 at 23:12
Got some problems using --relocatable, so I found I'll test it – juliocesar Oct 6 '13 at 5:51

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