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I want to work through this book: http://www.eecs.berkeley.edu/~bh/ss-toc2.html. But I'm having trouble to get the "Simply Scheme" language working. The code won't run.

    #lang planet dyoo/simply-scheme:2
    (parse ’(4 + 3 * 7 - 5 / (3 + 4) + 6))

I keep getting the following error message: "parse: unbound identifier in module in: parse".

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Just to reiterate: you haven't defined parse, so the error message is correct: it hasn't been "bound" because there's no built-in definition for parse. So you were using the language properly: the language wasn't the source of the issue. –  dyoo Oct 8 '13 at 18:40

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Take a look at this page, it has complete instructions. Simply do this:

#lang racket
(require (planet dyoo/simply-scheme:2:2))

Also be aware that the character is incorrect, for quoting use ', this probably happened because you copy-pasted code with wrong typesetting.

And of course, after the above is done, you have to define the procedures explained in chapter 18, they're not defined in the package you just imported! this will work for sure:

(define (parse expr)
  (parse-helper expr '() '()))

(define (parse-helper expr operators operands)
  (cond ((null? expr)
     (if (null? operators)
         (car operands)
         (handle-op '() operators operands)))
    ((number? (car expr))
     (parse-helper (cdr expr)
               (cons (make-node (car expr) '()) operands)))
    ((list? (car expr))
     (parse-helper (cdr expr)
               (cons (parse (car expr)) operands)))
    (else (if (or (null? operators)
              (> (precedence (car expr))
             (precedence (car operators))))
          (parse-helper (cdr expr)
                (cons (car expr) operators)
          (handle-op expr operators operands)))))

(define (handle-op expr operators operands)
  (parse-helper expr
        (cdr operators)
        (cons (make-node (car operators)
                 (list (cadr operands) (car operands)))
              (cddr operands))))

(define (precedence oper)
  (if (member? oper '(+ -)) 1 2))

(define (compute tree)
  (if (number? (datum tree))
      (datum tree)
      ((function-named-by (datum tree))
         (compute (car (children tree)))
         (compute (cadr (children tree))))))

(define (function-named-by oper)
  (cond ((equal? oper '+) +)
    ((equal? oper '-) -)
    ((equal? oper '*) *)
    ((equal? oper '/) /)
    (else (error "no such operator as" oper))))

(parse '(4 + 3 * 7 - 5 / (3 + 4) + 6))
=> '(+ (- (+ (4) (* (3) (7))) (/ (5) (+ (3) (4)))) (6))

(compute (parse '(4 + 3 * 7 - 5 / (3 + 4) + 6)))
=> 30 2/7
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Thank you, Óscar. I've tried that but the same error occurs. –  JimBoy Oct 6 '13 at 10:34
@JimBoy I found a second error in the code in the question, you're using instead of ' for quoting. Other than that, you simply have to copy the definitions in chapter 18, as shown above in my updated answer. –  Óscar López Oct 6 '13 at 13:49
I didn't notice that the quoting is wrong. It's working now! :) Thank you. –  JimBoy Oct 6 '13 at 15:38

I had to revert to DrRacket 5.4.1 in order to get both Simply Scheme and SICP to work.

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