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I have this problem with a very simple hadoop program which progress to 99% of reduction stage and then freezes. The input is a very lite file ~50 lines of text, the output should be very straight forward key-value pairs of Id's and their frequencies.

I have increased mem allocation inside mapred-site.xml to ~6Gig.


I tried to examine the log files but they are all empty, nothing is written to them. Please suggest what could be wrong with this?

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Ok, so the problem was fixed when I started using newer Job & Configuration classes. Till now I was using legacy code which seem to be causing lot of errors. So I guess my advice here is to use the latest hadoop libraries & not the deprecated ones.

Sad that some of the hadoop books still teach with legacy classes & APIs.-- Do not use them!

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Besides it looks like Hadoop does not make deprecated methods by @Deprecated annotation. So all the legacy methods look perfectly legit..... However they are highly inconsistent... –  Anup Saumithri Oct 6 '13 at 1:47

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