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I have a problem here. I have a class library namely ClLib, and has the following 8 cs files.

  • Express (parent class)
    - 1E1
    - 1E2
    - 1E3

  • Normal (parent class)
    - 1N1
    - 1N2
    - 1N3

Also, a method is also included in each 8 class file. For example,

public class 1E1:Express
    public int subtractNumExp1E1(int firstNum, int secNum)
        return firstNum - secNum;

The 1E1:Express is used to display the relationship between the parent class(Express) and subclass (1E1).

I have also created a Windows App in Visual Studio, and I need to create a directive like "using ClLib.Express.1E1". How do I go about it? I am stuck in this situation whereby when I want to change the namespace of 1E1 from "namespace ClLib" to "namespace ClLib.Express.1E1". An error occurs, as the namespace ClLib has already contain one definition for Express.

A great thanks and appreciation in advance for all kind souls who are willing to help me:)

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You can't have a type and a namespace with the same name ("CILib.Express").

If you want a CILib.Express namespace, the simplest option is to move/rename the CILib.Express type.

You can, however, also have nested types. You could, for example, have:

namespace CILib {
    public class Express {
        public class SomeType {}

If separate files are a concern:

file 1:

namespace CILib {
    public partial class Express { 
        // "Express" code

file 2:

namespace CILib {
    public partial class Express {
        public class SomeType {
            // "SomeType" code

However, using directives only relate to namespaces; I don't think you could have using CILib.Express, as that is a type not a namespace.

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In that case you just have to delete the namespace ClLib and make sure that there is exactly one copy of ClLib.Express.1E1

P/S: Are you sure that the proper namespace is ClLib.Express.1E1? 1E1 is a cs file, and it's usually a class. So you don't have to write using ClLib.Express, that would be sufficient.

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You mean delete namespace ClLib of which file? – user231785 Dec 17 '09 at 9:15

I think there is confusion around the namespace and base class.

Namespace: ClLib.Express Class: public class 1E1:Express

Rename your base class to ExpressBase to differentiate it.

If you need to reference the namespace:

using ClLib.Express

Hope I have understood your project structure!

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