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In perl, I use WWW::Mechanize->find_link(text=>'my_text'); My question is what is returned if the link is not found.

My purpose is to check whether a link exist then Mechanize::follow_link();;

Many thanks.

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It returns an undefined link. At that point, you need to decide what to do...

my $link = WWW::Mechanize->find_link(text=>'my_text');
if ( not defined $link ) {
    say "Here be dragons...";

You could probably do this in one step:

if ( my $link = WWW::Mechanize->find_link(text=>'my_text') ) {
    Do something with "$link";

The problem is that $link will disappear outside of the if statement (if you're using use strict; which, of course you are).

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The docs are pretty clear about it:

If it fails to find a link it returns undef.


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Let's see what the docs say!

Finds a link in the currently fetched page. It returns a WWW::Mechanize::Link object which describes the link. (You'll probably be most interested in the url() property.) If it fails to find a link it returns undef.

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