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I am logging from an ASP.NET app using NLog. Everything works great except for the ${logger}. My log files are missing the logger name. Here is the target line from NLog configuration file:

<target name="DebugToFile" xsi:type="File" fileName="${basedir}/Debug.log" layout="${logger} | ${longdate} | ${message}" />

Here is what I get in the log file:

| 2013-10-05 17:55:20.9852 | In Decrypt
| 2013-10-05 17:55:20.9852 | In Deserialize

And here is the C# line that creates an instance of the logger:

new Log("Iamalogger").Debug("In Decrypt");

Any ideas why ${logger} isn't getting picked up?

Edit: 1/14/2014 Here is the log wrapper I am using:

public class Log 
    private Logger _log;

    public Log(string class)
        _log = LogManager.GetLogger(class);

    //methods for logging...
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Can you show us the code for your Log class? –  wageoghe Oct 6 '13 at 13:40
As @wageoghe says, it seems like you are using a customer Log class, is this correct? If so please provide the source code for the class –  Xharze Oct 7 '13 at 22:20
Sorry, this got pushed down on my priority. Just updated with the code from the Log wrapper I am using. –  codelove Jan 14 at 18:26
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