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So I'm building a basic OpenFL project (essentially a template in flashdevelop 4.4.3). When I compile to windows/flash/html5 works fine. Once I target Android, I get this:

BUILD FAILED: Application package 'Fscape' must have a minimum of 2 segments.

This is the ANT generated build.xml. As you can see, each package name does have more than two "segments" (separated by dots).

            minSdkVersionOut="project.target.minSdkVersion" />

I did have to add "target" to project.target.minSdkVersion (the last line in that XML attribute list). Do I have to clear this in some way (it's not refreshing?)? I tried deleting it altogether or naming it unrelated package names like some message boards suggested but the error persists.

I'm running the latest Android SDK/NDK but also with all the older SDKs for compatibility. I'm using Flashdevelop 4.4.3 to compile against Haxe. All SDK's are the latest as of this post, including JDK.

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It was a bit confusing that the compilation error threw in the build.xml and not the application.xml. It makes total sense now that I know the build.xml pulls attributes from the application.xml

Need three segments in the package attribute in application.xml

<meta title="Fscape" package="com.Fscape.game" version="1.0.0" company="" 
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