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I've named a MongoDB collection "version". Now when entering the following command:


I get the following response:

Sat Oct 05 23:22:30.943 TypeError: Object function (){
    return this.serverBuildInfo().version;
} has no method 'find'

I can bypass this problem using:


My question: I would really like to use the name "version" and can live with the db.getCollection(...) command, but are there other implications ? What other problems a collection named "version" could generate ?

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Beyond conflict with the shell commands? None.

From the MongoDB reference on the subject:

Collection names should begin with an underscore or a letter character, and cannot:

  • contain the $.
  • be an empty string (e.g. "").
  • contain the null character.
  • begin with the system. prefix. (Reserved for internal use.)
  • In the mongo shell, use db.getCollection() to specify collection names that might interact with the shell or are not valid JavaScript.

Emphasis mine.

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