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I am trying to parse some tweets and I am having trouble using regular expressions to remove the words that start with an @ symbol and a # symbol. I have tried




And none of them seem to work. Am I just doing something wrong?

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Try tweet.gsub!(/[#@]\w+/, '') – falsetru Oct 6 '13 at 4:14
It worked! if you submit as an answer I can accept. – MattPetitt Oct 6 '13 at 4:19
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You could do this using gsub! and word boundaries.

tweet.gsub!(/\B[@#]\S+\b/, '')

Regular expression:

\B         the boundary between two word chars (\w) or two non-word chars (\W)
[@#]       any character of: '@', '#'
\S+        non-whitespace (all but \n, \r, \t, \f, and " ") (1 or more times)       
\b         the boundary between a word char (\w) and something that is not a word char
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Use String#gsub!:

>> tweet = 'Hello @ruby #world'
=> "Hello @ruby #world"
>> tweet.gsub!(/[#@]\w+/, '')
=> "Hello  "
>> tweet
=> "Hello  "
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