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I'm given data for x,y, and z. I am trying to fit a set of data into a model of functional form as described below:

z(x, y) = c0*x^o*y2 + c1*x^1*y^1 + c2 *x^2*y^1

where c0, c1, c2 are the coefficients to be found. My attempt is to use the nlinfit function to solve it.

So far I have tried

x= [ 0.001, .. 0.011];

y = [1, .. 10];

z = [ -.304860225 .. .379710865]; 

my_model= c0 * x^0 * y^2 + c1 * x^1 * y^1 + c2 * x^2 * y^0

[c0 c1 c2] = [1 2 3];

C= nlinfit( [x,y], z, @ my_model, [1 2 3])

Here x,y are independent variables and z is dependent variable. How can one set these initial values for the coefficients? I'm not sure how to pass the arguments in nlinfit function. HELP!!!

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Your model is LINEAR w.r.t c0, c1 and c2. There's no reason to use nlfit here.

You need to construct a Vandermonde matrix for your x y data and use backslash to recover the coefficients.

It is not 100% clear from your question what the model is, so I'll assume:

z(x,y) = c0 * x^nx0 * y^ny0 + c1 * x^nx1 * y^ny1 + c2 * x^nx2 * y^ny2

with nx0, nx1, nx2, ny0, ny1 and ny2 given and known a-priori.

You are given m points, that is an m-vectors x, y and z and you wish to extimate c0 c1 and c2 given these three m-vectors.

The Vandermonde matrix for this model is

V = [ ( x(:).^nx0 ).*( y(:).^ny0 ),  ( x(:).^nx1 ).*( y(:).^ny1 ),  ( x(:).^nx2 ).*( y(:).^ny2 ) ];

Now note that your model is LINEAR: V*c = z for the right c = [c0; c1; c2].

To recover c (in the least-square sense)

c = V \ z
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Thanks for replying. I just ramdomly added values for c0, c1, c2. How can one set these initial values for the coefficients? I have to perform non-linear curve fitting –  Syeda Oct 6 '13 at 7:06
@Syeda your curve may be non-linear, but the fitting is linear! –  Shai Oct 6 '13 at 7:08
@ Shai.. So, there is no need to use nlfit function in my case? I run this code in MATLAB. Could you please help me understand why i am getting this error? "??? Undefined function or variable 'c0' " –  Syeda Oct 6 '13 at 8:05
@Syeda you do NOT need to use nlfit. V is non linear w.r.t x and y, but z is linear w.r.t known V and unknown c. –  Shai Oct 6 '13 at 8:49
@Syeda what code have you tired to run? I have no c0 in my code? –  Shai Oct 6 '13 at 8:49

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