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I am trying to run a basic sql query where is search for one of two string:

  1. "Nightly job up"
  2. "Nightly job finished"

I have tried the where command but i getting an empty output. This is the problematic part:

      where execution_location = ('Nightly job up' or Nightly job 'finished');

Please assist, Thanks in advance.

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Use IN(...) instead:

where execution_location in ('Nightly job up', 'Nightly job finished');

This is the way to compare multiple values in one clause.

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Your where string should be, both for MySQL or Transact-SQL:

WHERE (execution_location = 'Nightly job up' OR execution_location = 'Nightly job finished');
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WHERE execution_location IN ('Nightly job up, 'Nightly job finished');

or, if what you want is finding every string starting with Nightly job:

WHERE execution_location LIKE 'Nightly job%'
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where execution_location in ('Nightly job up', 'Nightly job finished');
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Your expression:

('Nightly job up' or 'Nightly job finished')

... is evaluated as a boolean expression, and results in 0 (or FALSE) (because strings evaluate as FALSE).

Therefore your final WHERE clause is equivalent to:

... WHERE execution_location = 0

The right syntax has already been provided by everyone else :)

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