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what libraries should be linked in lex & yacc (solaris) to include YY_BUFFER_STATE. when i use YY_BUFFER_STATE in lex and compile it .i get an error saying tat it is undeclared.but when i do it in unix i am getting the output so pls help me.

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There's no library required for YY_BUFFER_STATE -- its all built into the generated scanner by flex. However, it IS flex specific, so you have to use flex and not the lex that comes with solaris.

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The lex library is historically libl so it would be linked with -ll. A classical link line might be -ll -ly for lex and yacc.

Sometimes you need -lfl to specify the flex library.

Since you are on Solaris you may have the real lex/yacc and you may have the free versions, which are rather different in many ways. I think YY_BUFFER_STATE is specific to the free implementation.

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