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I want to open the camera roll folder from my Windows Phone app. Please help me here.

Just a fyi, I don't want to save image into Camera Roll.



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Something like this should work:

MediaSource mediaSource = MediaSource.GetAvailableMediaSources()
            .First((source => source.MediaSourceType == MediaSourceType.LocalDevice));
using (MediaLibrary mediaLibrary = new MediaLibrary(mediaSource))
     PictureAlbum cameraRollAlbum = mediaLibrary.RootPictureAlbum.Albums.First((album) => album.Name == "Camera Roll");
     //Use cameraRollAlbum.Pictures. to access picture

Just make sure that you add the ID_CAP_MEDIALIB_PHOTO capabilities in your WMAppManifest

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The simplest solution is to use the PhotoChooserTask.

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