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I am used to Ubuntu, I like it, I know my way around it.

I am looking forward to upgrade my work laptop.

I find the awesome hardware that a Macbook Pro is made of, a turn-on.

Now, having never used a mac before, I'd like to know how easy it is to move my development environment to a mac from being on Ubuntu.

My work is primarily web application development using the django framework.

I love the apt-get install and the package managers and such stuff that Ubuntu provides. Are there equivalents on a mac?

What are the other things I need to know to move my development environment to a Mac?

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I moved from ubuntu to Mac 6 months back, the tools that you get in Mac are awesome(like iweb) and most of the application work out of the box without compilation. There are alternative for apt-get in Mac, I use port, fink which works pretty much like apt-get. I would say list down all your favorites tools in ubuntu mostly you will find the same in Mac or its equivalent.

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iWeb is not really a development tool. –  Azeem.Butt Dec 17 '09 at 19:06

Should be pretty easy. MacPorts is like a package manager for installing open source software and libraries.

I do some django work and moved from Windows to Mac recently. I found it very easy since django is Python which is pre-installed in Mac OS X, but can be upgraded if necessary. I also use Eclipse with the PyDev plugin which all runs on Java.

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