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I am working on an application in Python 3.3 on Win7 x64. When installing lxml with pip

pip install lxml

i always get the following error:

lxml error: Unable to find vcvarsall.bat

This question has been answered on SO before, but the solutions usually point to executables (as it occurs due to compiler problems). However, I want to install lxml into a virtualenv:

> cd \venv\Scripts
> activate
(venv) > pip install lxml

Obviously this get me the same vcvarsall.bat error as before; clearly I still don't have the right compiler installed.

How do I install a precompiled executable (like these) into a virtualenv?


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I have found a workaround, however I'm unsure whether this is a clean or even sane way of doing it.

As the vcvarsall.bat error occurs due to a misconfigured or wrong compiler, use a precompiled package from the source in the question. If you install that package into the system python installation, it will put the scripts into


after installation, there should be two folders: lxml and lxml-3.2.3-py3.3.egg-info. By copying both folders into the respective folder of the virtualenv, the package should be available there as well. For example if the virtualenv is in C:\venv\, copy the folders to C:\venv\Lib\site-packages\.

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