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I'm installing something through homebrew but one of it's dependencies is failing to install, saying that the downloaded artifact has a different SHA1 checksum than what homebrew expects. The culprit is suite-sparse v4.2.1 and from checking the homebrew issue tracker, it seems the owner of this package has a tendency to make changes without bumping versions.

I have a ticket in with the homebrew experts to double check this package and vet the new SHA1. In the meantime..

Is it possible to force homebrew to install a package even if the SHA1 is incorrect?

I don't mind doing a little manual installing, so long as the package remains homebrew friendly and a future brew update will update to the latest version without issues.

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I don't mind doing a little manual installing

In that case, clone the homebrew repo; update the suite-sparse sha1 (i.e. to get it, use the shasum binary -- you should already have this; if you do not, go ahead and install it).

Once you've saved the formula with the updated sha1 value, you don't even have to push it back up to github; you can just install it in place.

% brew install suite-sparse.rb

Alternatively, you can do:

% brew install whatever --ignore-dependencies
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The kind folks at the homebrew project fixed the bad SHA1 in a few hours and I was on my way. Otherwise, I would have had gone this route. Good to have it documented, cheers. –  Sean Connolly Oct 10 '13 at 11:07
Glad you got what you needed :) –  wilmoore Oct 10 '13 at 16:45
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