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I have a file with multiple lines and i would like to extract the word in between -d and -e, if the file has more than one occurrences, the first one is fine.


if the contents of the file is as below

someText -d wordToExtract -e someOtherWord and so on, -d Hello -e

I want to extract wordToExtract which is the first occurrence.

I tried using grep and sed commands but couldnt achieve it because i am new to unix. Any help is appreciated.

one of the example i tried

grep -o -P '(?<=\\-d).*(?=\\-i)' fileName
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This is your input text:

x='someText -d wordToExtract -e someOtherWord and so on, -d Hello -e'

This awk will extract first match:

awk -F '-(d|e) *' '{print $2}' <<< "$x"

This grep should work to extract all matches strings between -d and -e:

grep -oP '\-d *\K(.*?)(?= *-e)' <<< "$x"
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Try the following regexp:


Obviously escaping is necessary, and also the switches -o -P

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A solution using . I prefer it to because has non-greddy quantifiers and to because it can avoid multiple matches per line:

perl -ne 'm/-d\s*(.*?)\s*-e/ && print "$1\n"' infile

It yields:

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