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For an action method:

public String world() {
   value = "Hello "+name+"!";
   return "#world";

how to render the JSP /hello/world.jsp under WEB-INF? Is there a config alternative to add a prefix to resultPath.

Thanks Aanand

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Currently there is no such prefix (nice idea, though! We will add it in the next release :).

Meanwhile, you can modify the result very easily by overriding the ResultMapper:

public class MyResultMapper extends ResultMapper {

public String resolveResultPath(ActionConfig cfg, String resultValue) {
        String resultPath = super.resolveResultPath(cfg, resultValue);
        resultPath = "/WEB-INF" + resultPath;
        return resultPath;

Now all you have to do is to register your result mapper. You can do this in several ways; one way might be to follow these steps:

1) Add your custom Madvoc WebApplication by registering it in web.xml:


2) and then implement it:

public class MyWebApplication extends WebApplication {

    public void registerMadvocComponents() {

Done, you don't have to change any of your Madvoc actions, all JSPs are now searched under the WEB-INF (or whatever folder you put there).

EDIT: as promised, see latest commit, it adds new Madvoc configuration flag.

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thanks ɹoƃı. will try the latest from repo and also the above WebApplication implementation – Aanand Oct 7 '13 at 10:20

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