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I'm writing ethernet-over-usb driver and I have some problem with transmission. When I run ping command - it is working but only for 458 packets, because after that number of packets the whole transmission stucks.

I'm using such a code for sending frames to kernel:

void send_frame (u32 *ptr, u32 len)
 struct sk_buff *skb;
 char *buf1;

 skb = netdev_alloc_skb(dev, len);
 skb->dev = dev;

 buf1 = skb_put(skb, len); 
 memcpy(buf1, ptr, len);

 skb->protocol = eth_type_trans(skb, dev);

 if (netif_rx(skb) ==  NET_RX_DROP) {
    printk("  packet dropped\n");


It is a bit strange, because I though that if kernel stops accepting my frames it will drop them, but it didn't. The kernel still accepts the frames without any error, but transmission doesn't work.

Is it possible that after those 458 frames some queue in kernel overflows and kernel doesn't accept my new frames but doesn't signalise any error?

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