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Basically it's all in the title, when I run the code from a console (on Windows) the child process runs without opening another console, but when I run the code from the cx_freeze'd app another console opens.

I found this old thread where was suggested to use FreeConsole(), it will flash the console on screen for a blink but I can eventually live with it, unfortunately if i understood correctly it should be called from the child process.

I also found this ticket (7yo) on a re-factoring of the whole spawnProcess on windows but apparently it never happened:

I have no control over the code of the child process, so doing something there is unfortunately not an option, but even if I did the process I'm spawning it's a console app and I believe FreeConsole() could not be called there or the process will terminate.

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This is possibly a bug in Twisted, but possibly a bug in cx_Freeze.

What happens when you run the code from the GUI with Python, but without cx_Freeze involved? You should be able to test this if you have Python installed by simply putting your code into a .pyw file and double-clicking on it in Explorer.

If this still pops up a console window when you run your subprocess, then this is totally a bug in Twisted and you should file it as such. Eric's answer in that mailing list message is wrong; if you want to spawn processes with spawnProcess they definitely shouldn't be popping up random console windows.

If the click-on-a-.pyw launching method doesn't cause a console window to pop up, then it's probably something about the way cx_Freeze has constructed your executable and you might want to look at it.

On UNIX, we have a platform-specific usePTY, so it makes sense that we could expand spawnProcess with a platform-specific useConsole that would do something analogous for Windows. This later message in the thread suggests an implementation strategy, so please file a ticket. The let's-redo-everything ticket is too ambitious to fix this one issue.

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I can confirm that cx_freeze isn't doing anything wrong, even using pythonw spawns a console window, having a useConsole flag for spawning processes on windows would be great, I'll file a ticket. Thanks – gianmt Oct 9 '13 at 20:10
OK, cool. Thanks for eliminating that complexity. Also, please post a link to the ticket here so others can find it easily in the future! – Glyph Oct 10 '13 at 17:35
Sure, here is the link – gianmt Oct 11 '13 at 17:47

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