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I'm currently developing an application that allow the user to program some scripts. I've developed a "compiler" to analyse the script made by the user, but now i want create a visual editor with all the possibilities that the user have, something similar to this: Blockly - A visual programming editor .

I am currently using C# and WPF and I have no idea how to develop something like the above. I thought about doing the script editor in XNA, since XNA is better for graphics but i really don't know how.


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You can do it with WPF. Using Drag and Drop you can get real closer. Watching this video will help you get sense hou this mechanism works. Try improving it slowly and playing with it. 2nd step will be to play with lists and drag and drop Like shown here . Improve it even more by using data you get from your mouse position, a good way to do it demonstrated here.

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Blockly is open source, so feel free to use it for your editor. You don't really need to know much JavaScript in order to use the Blockly libraries, and there's a support group.

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