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I'm Brunodm. I keep getting this error (http://pastebin.com/NAApFYju) when I try to compile opensn0w (https://github.com/winocm/opensn0w) by @winocm in Ubuntu, that I've just reinstalled. I think I need some libraries to make it works, but I don't know which. Could anyone help me to fix this error? Thanks in advance, Brunodm.

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I've installed libusb-dev. I did apt-get update; apt-get upgrade... but nothing, still get this error... –  user2852056 Oct 7 '13 at 12:36

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You need to patch the opensn0w source code. Go to the root of the source, and download this: http://devbug.me/attachment/4174303333.zip and unzip it. Then run:

patch -p1 < opensn0w3.diff

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