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I'm wondering which values the 2nd parameter (code) of the CallNextHookEx function may take, Unfortunately the MSDN documentation is quite vague about that parameter:

The hook code passed to the current hook procedure. The next hook procedure uses this code to determine how to process the hook information.

I assume the values the code parameter may take are defined somwhere among the "Hook Structures"

How can I interpret the values correctly?

Am I allowed to manipulate that value or am I expected to just pass the code as I originally received it?

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Just pass the nCode that was passed to you in your callback. –  Hans Passant Oct 6 '13 at 16:26

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The value is explained in the documentation of the hook procedure.

e.g. GetMsgProc:

Specifies whether the hook procedure must process the message. If code is HC_ACTION, the hook procedure must process the message. If code is less than zero, the hook procedure must pass the message to the CallNextHookEx function without further processing and should return the value returned by CallNextHookEx.

The documentation for the code parameter is similar to the above for most (all?) procedures.

That means that you should process only calls for which code is equal to HC_ACTION. Otherwise, you should just call CallNextHookEx with original parameters, and return the result.

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