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I have a module in Fortran called QFoo. It defines a type QFooType.

I want to initialize all the elements of integer array 'is_n' to 0 and want to do it within the module. Could someone help? Thank you!

  module QFoo
      type QFooType              
          integer, dimension(50) :: is_n                         
      end type QFooType

     ! I know the following code is wrong
     ! but I want to initialize all the is_n elements to 0
     ! do i = 1, 50
     !    is_n(i) = 0
     ! enddo
  end module QFoo
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integer, dimension(50) :: is_n = 0

works on the latest version of the Intel Fortran compiler. My reading of the Fortran 95 standard suggests that this is standard behaviour.

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great! it worked.. thanks! I didn't think that the syntax we use for non array assignment will work here! Thanks again –  apt Dec 17 '09 at 12:00
Ahh, so you would initialise an array with a loop in your Fortran code ? Go back to your introductory text: since Fortran 90 you can assign to all the elements in an array in one statement. Measurements differ on whether it is more efficient to do so. –  High Performance Mark Dec 17 '09 at 14:36

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