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i've got a few issues with my charts that i didnt find documentation about

  1. I have a 3d pie chart that can be transformed in animation to 2d, when picking "view 2d" option from the pop-up menu. can I trigger this action through JS code? the onlinr documentation only refers "MSCombi3D.swf" chart type. I tryed applying the code in the example on my pie chart but it doesnt recognize : myChart.view2D()

  2. Is there a way to control the location of the data values, in a line chart? (below or above the line).now the values appear above and below randomly

  3. can i control the speed of bars movement in a bar chart when it loads?

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1 & 2 It is not possible.

  1. You would need to use Animation Styles with "_xScale" property & set the duration attribute as you desire to control the speed. (refer to: http://www.fusioncharts.com/docs/Contents/Styles/Animation.html )
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1) Of course you can. Using JQuery Framework you can do basically anything you want with JS, including changing your chart type. Check JS-based FS also to make an easier integration.

2) I'm almost sure you can't. This kind of questions are better suited for FS support directly. If there is a way they'd know.

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