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Using Mono on OS X (MDK 3.2.3) and NuGet installed according to MonoMVC's instructions, I've tried to follow the "your first webservice" tutorial in ServiceStack's documentation. This tutorial assumes IIS and Visual Studio, neither of which exist in my environment, and after several hours of searching for solutions on the internet I've done the following extra steps which they don't mention:

  • Wrap the web.config example in a <configuration> tag.
  • Put the source code for the Hello classes in a folder called App_Code
  • Copied all of the .dll files that NuGet downloaded into a folder called bin with

    find . -iname '*.dll' -exec cp {} bin \;

  • Use xsp4 from the root folder of my project to host a development server.
  • Copy System.Core.dll from lib/mono/4.5 to my project's bin folder.

When I try to visit localhost:8080, I now get this error message:

CS1684: Reference to type ServiceStack.ServiceHost.IResolver claims it is defined assembly ServiceStack.Interfaces, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null, but it could not be found

How do I resolve this error?

Edit: Removed references to the Missing method .ctor errors, as they're unrelated to the CompilationException above. They go away if I copy System.Core.dll from lib/mono/4.5 to the bin folder, but the CompilationException remains.

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I had a similar error while building a ServiceStack project on linux. The project itself didn't reference an assembly directly that (I believe) a referenced assembly had referenced.

I added a reference to the assembly directly to the main project and the error went away.

My repo is here: -- it builds and runs successfully on ubuntu - in case you want to try it instead of the tutorial you've been following.

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I've tried to reverse-engineer your repository to see why it works & my code doesn't. Switching ServiceStack from the 3.9.64 nuget originally defaulted to to the 3.9.59 in your packages.config gets rid of the error in my question, but you're also pre-compiling your Global.asax.cs, so I guess I need to figure out how to do that next. – Dan Oct 13 '13 at 13:44

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