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I have recently installed the Qt creator in Windows, I can build project and use the exe in windows. I want to build for OS X snow Leopard.

What kits or build configurations should I use. I have explored all the options and searched the net but can't find an answer Any help would be appreciated.

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How to Compile for OS X in Linux or Windows?

searched 'compile for other os' and got it as second result ...

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Dear Zaiborg, thankyou for helping. however, I am concerned specifically about Qt creator and its kits and configurations... –  Tauseef Oct 8 '13 at 18:29
why? i compile at work with the vs2008 shipped compiler and use the clang64 for mac at home. under linux i use the default gcc (i think) and there is no problem compiling on each platform if the code has no os specific code in it (like #include "windows.h") –  Zaiborg Oct 9 '13 at 7:38

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