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I have an XLSX file on Google Drive. A link can be found here:


I know how to get a download link through the Google Drive SDK, but the link only works if the user is logged into a google account. See link below:


I have setup viewing options so that it is public. However, how can I get a public download link for the file? The only way I have found to do this is to download the file and copy the download link. The download link can be seen below:


There does not seem to be a correlation between the ID provided in the URL of the document and the ID of the download link of the document. Is there no other way to get a public download link?

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You can GET https://googledrive.com/host/<FILE_ID> to download public files with no auth. This is not going to work for files with no downloadLink (such as Docs and spreadsheets files).

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