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I've been trying to call an external API (Vimeo) from my AngularJS code, but all I get back is a 304 Not Modified. My code:

this.$scope.$safeApply(() => {
        .success((r) => {
            this.$"Success: " + r);
        .error((e) => {
            this.$"Error: " + e);

The odd thing is when I call the same URL from fiddler, everything seems ok and I get 200 response with the correct JSON.

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Have look at this SO:… – jpmorin Oct 6 '13 at 20:12
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Here is a working plunker:

I took the answer from: AngularJS is caching JSONP by default

You add a timestamp to your query so it is not cached by angular. Also, I modified the value of your callback to JSON_CALLBACK as per doc (AngularJS $http).

Relative or absolute URL specifying the destination of the request. Should contain JSON_CALLBACK string.

$http.jsonp('' + (new Date().getTime()))
    .success(function (r) {
        $"Success: " + r);
    .error(function (e) {
        $"Error: " + e);
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Thank you very much, it worked! – GoldnArms Oct 6 '13 at 20:58

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