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I am writing the code in Java as a plugin to a Minecraft server, but the logical principles are general in nature.

public void doReviewMember(CommandSender playerSent) {
    if (!reviewsMember.isEmpty()) {
        Review doThis = null;

        ArrayList<Review> players = new ArrayList<Review>();
        ArrayList<Review> playersVIP = new ArrayList<Review>();
        ArrayList<Review> playersVIPplus = new ArrayList<Review>();

        for (int c1 = 0; c1 < reviewsMember.size(); c1++) {
            if  (Bukkit.getPlayer(reviewsMember.get(c1).getName()).hasPermission("reviewplugin.vipplus"))
            else if (Bukkit.getPlayer(reviewsMember.get(c1).getName()).hasPermission("reviewplugin.vip"))
            else players.add(reviewsMember.get(c1));

        if (playersVIPplus.size() > 0)
            doThis = playersVIPplus.get(0);
        else if (playersVIP.size() > 0)
            doThis = playersVIP.get(0);
        else doThis = players.get(0);

        Bukkit.getPlayer(playerSent.getName()).sendMessage("§4[§6ReviewPlugin§4] §eThis review is for §b" + doThis.getName());
        if (reviewsMember.size() > 1)
            Bukkit.getPlayer(playerSent.getName()).sendMessage("§4[§6ReviewPlugin§4] §eThere are " + reviewsMember.size() + " member reviews left to do.");
        else if (reviewsMember.size() == 1)
            Bukkit.getPlayer(playerSent.getName()).sendMessage("§4[§6ReviewPlugin§4] §eThere is " + reviewsMember.size() + " member review left to do.");
            Bukkit.getPlayer(playerSent.getName()).sendMessage("§4[§6ReviewPlugin§4] §eThere are no more Member reviews to do at this time!");
    else {
        Bukkit.getPlayer(playerSent.getName()).sendMessage("§4[§6ReviewPlugin§4] §eThere are no more Member reviews to do at this time!");

The index out of bounds error was occurring in the for loop, so I have no idea where I am going wrong. This was tested w/o error on a Windows 8 machine but when implemented into a Linux it failed every time with the index out of bounds error.

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Do you have a stacktrace? Error is probably deeper. –  zch Oct 6 '13 at 20:54
Have you inserted print statements to show the state of the variables at various points and to see exactly where the error is occurring? –  abiessu Oct 6 '13 at 20:55
Unrelated hint: try to make your code easier to work with and faster by extracting some local variables: Review review = reviewsMember.get(c1); Player player = Bukkit.getPlayer(review.getName()); etc. –  zch Oct 6 '13 at 20:59
Use a debugger. –  musical_coder Oct 6 '13 at 21:02

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The above code cannot fail unless some background thread modifies the array in the middle of the loop. Which is most likely the reason for your problem.

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