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I have the following class with methods marked as unchecked that give me a warning. They compile/work fine but I am interested if there is a way to generify the class as IntelliJ IDEA is offering me (but unable to do) to remove the warnings.

public abstract class Attribute {

private final AttributedNode containerNode;
private boolean computationComplete;

public Attribute(AttributedNode node) {
    this.containerNode = node;
    this.computationComplete = false;

public AttributedNode getContainerNode() {
    return containerNode;

public Attribute getAttributeFromChildNode(int childIndex, AttributeNameEnum attributeName) {
    AttributedNode node = getContainerNode().getChild(childIndex);
    return node.getAttribute(attributeName);

public String getChildNodeText(int index) {
    return getContainerNode().getChild(index).getText();

public <T, E extends Attribute> List<T> getListOfChildAttributeValues(AttributeNameEnum name) {
    List<T> result = new LinkedList<>();
    for (AttributedNode node : this.getContainerNode().getChildren()) {
        E attribute = (E) node.getAttribute(name);
        result.add((T) attribute.getValue());
    return result;

public <T extends Attribute> Object getAttributeValueFromContainer(AttributeNameEnum name) {
    return this.<T>getAttributeValueFromNode(name, this.getContainerNode());

public <T extends Attribute> Object getAttributeValueFromParent(AttributeNameEnum name) {
    return this.<T>getAttributeValueFromNode(name, this.getContainerNode().getParent());

public <T extends Attribute> Object getAttributeValueFromNode(AttributeNameEnum name, AttributedNode node) {
    T attribute = (T) node.getAttribute(name);
    return attribute.getValue();
// other methods eluded

P.S. I apologize ahead of time of maybe my lack of understanding Generics.

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Pretty tough to help without knowing what AttributeNameEnum and AttributeNode classes look like. –  Mark Elliot Oct 6 '13 at 22:56
It is not permitted to cast to a generic type, like (E) or (T). You must pass a Class as an additional method parameter, like Class<T> valueClass, and you must cast using valueClass.cast(…). –  VGR Oct 7 '13 at 0:15
@VGR It is permitted, it's just usually a bad idea. –  Paul Bellora Oct 7 '13 at 15:13
It's permitted by the compiler, yes. I should have said "not safe" instead. –  VGR Oct 7 '13 at 15:43

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