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I am trying to achieve the following behavior in a PYTHON 2.4 script, here are the steps, and after them, the question:

  1. Python script starts
  2. The script gives a 3 seconds delay to change to 'Z' program's window
  3. The script does some clicks on the 'Z' program's window.
  4. The script stops making clicks
  5. /* ¿? */
  6. Ask to continue with the program's excecution
  7. /* ¿? */
  8. Go to step 2

So, in steps 5 and 7 what I want to do is simulate the pressing of keys Alt+Tab in order to go back to the script window (in step 5), and go back again to the 'Z' program's window (in step 7). And the problem is that I have no idea how to achieve this (the simulation to press keys alt+tab), and didn't find answers to my doubts. I am using the python win32api modules to positionate mouse in a certain point and make the clicks, but I don't find the way to simulate the key pressing.

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You need the WinApi function SendInput.

See the description in the MSDN:

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