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while learning computer graphics in linux environment, I have choice to use openGLUT or X-windows for creating windows.

What are the other choices (libraries) available to create windows in linux environment besides openGLUT and x-windows?

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OpenGLUT Is for using OpenGL (3D graphics).. x-windows is more properly written XWindow - nobody uses it directly. If you want to do 3D OpenGLUT is fine. If you want a regular GUI try KDE or Gnome. – mike jones Oct 7 '13 at 1:03
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Use Qt or Gtk or perhaps libsdl, fox-toolkit, FLTK (or some other widget toolkit ....)

Most of them are above X11 which you don't want to use directly. BTW, X11 might become phased out and be eventually replaced with wayland, mir or something else (but GTK and Qt are compatible with that evolution).

Alternatively, consider providing a Web HTML5 interface (so use some HTTP server library like wt, libonion etc....)

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