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Is it possible to create knockout bindings from javascript alone, i.e. without writing custom html attributes?

I'm very much stuck with our existing markup and can't add data-bind etc. that knockout.js relies on (html is generated programmatically and there is no access to the rendering pipeline, please assume I've exhausted my options in trying :)

One idea that I'm tentatively pursuing is adding data-bind attributes at runtime prior to calling ko.applyBindings. Is there a preferred approach? I'll also accept an alternative, sufficiently documented/popular/stable framework if it also implements bindings similar to knockout.js if/visible.

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Knockout 3.0 (which just around the corner and is in release candidate now) opens up a lot more ways to interact with the binding process, such as the ability to preprocess nodes and dynamically generate bindings. Take a look at Knockout.Punches to see some examples of what is possible. Between that and the things already mentioned like the unobtrusive and class binding providers, you should have no trouble working with whatever markup you're stuck with.

It may also be worth pointing out knockout has an applyBindingsToNode function which takes in a JSON object of the bindings if you want full control, though that does not apply bindings to descendant elements.

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Punches look useful. Still, I'm coming to believe that what I'm after is really a knockout antipattern - it's implied that I effectively have no control over the "VM" part of the MVVM pattern :( –  o.v. Oct 15 '13 at 21:35
To be a little more specific, you have no control over the View, which is the V part of MVVM. I think that this approach is most definitely a route that is less than ideal - and I think you've realized as well. But if there's really no way you can modify the HTML, then you have no choice but to do something a little off the beaten path. –  daedalus28 Oct 16 '13 at 15:01

Knockout allow us to create custom binding provider, I find out there is several libs that help you to do it

You can find them here:

One that don't use DOM at all:


One that use another approach :


At last resort if none of them suit your needs, you can with jQuery modify the DOM then call the binding on it...

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unobtrusivebindingprovider looks useful, although with very limited activity (FTFY: it does use DOM, but it doesn't use markup for data binding, which is exactly what I'm after) –  o.v. Oct 7 '13 at 22:21

Look at the "Unobtrusive event handling" section in the Knockout documentation under "Further techniques".

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I don't see how I'd use that - it seems to provide an unobtrusive way to delegate only interactivity handlers (click etc.) as opposed to a full set of knockout.js bindings including data-bind="value:whatever" and conditionals. Am I missing something? –  o.v. Oct 7 '13 at 22:04

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