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I've been making a portfolio, And I didn't really limit myself to what would be easier to code.. So... I ended up with this (that's the homepage but almost every other page is ready too in photoshop)


So what would be the best approach to turn this into HTML/CSS? Should I slice it into zones, or each layer separately (as in clouds, tree, island.. etc).. I was told to use semantic HTML but I'm not sure I understand what this means here. and what do I do for the buttons? Image maps? wouldn't that be a bad idea?

Do you think this design is worth the trouble anyway?

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Yes, that's an image map. Ah, if all questions were this easy. But still, this question is not very suitable for this site. This is not a forum for discussing which approach would be preferable. You should try some things yourself, and if you run into problems, if there are issues you don't understand, then you can post here. Those are the thing we can solve. –  Mr Lister Oct 7 '13 at 4:54
Seconded. Still, my two cents says split the clickables into separate elements and give them a slight rotation/zoom on hover. Maybe make the clouds move too, and make the whole tentacle island slowly hover up and down. Sort them out with z-index. The page will look a lot more interesting if it's not just a static picture with an imagemap. –  Kaivosukeltaja Oct 7 '13 at 5:48

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I can't post a comment, the best I can do is answer, so here goes:

Mr. Lister is right, image maps would probably be the way to go. But, one more item that I think is worth noting, SEO value, particularly for Home/Portfolio/Contact Me/and About anchors. One potential solution is to use image-maps... but do some feature detection to see if the browser allows for the css rotate functionality.


<section class="homepage-navigation">
    <a class="contact-me nav-link" href="/contact">Contact Me</a>

Your CSS could be

.home-navigation .nav-link{position:absolute;}
.home-navigation .contact-me{transform: rotate(-95deg);left:10px;}

So... there is a trade-off here. Using an image map and having your link text embed in the image is much easier... but you lose out on browsers seeing the anchor text. If you go the CSS route, you need to consider supporting both browsers that allow for the transform css property, and browsers that don't. :|

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