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What would be the best Javascript framework to implement objects that can be dragged around the window and hovered over to make other objects appear?

I was thinking about AngularJS but is that the best choice? jQuery doesn't seem to be versatile enough.

Also, which one is the most cross-browser compatible?


Edit: jQuery UI could be an option but it seems that what I am trying to do would be animation-heavy and a framework using hardware acceleration would be more suitable than one using browser acceleration?

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See my updated response. –  Ryan Miller Oct 9 '13 at 1:38

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You're only going to get native acceleration using HTML5 in combination with CSS3. To that end, there are means of implementing something similar to dragability, which, in combination with this answer, may achieve what you need via the events. JS still required, but much, much less.

The downside is that you lose browser compatibility. To remedy this, check out Modernizr. You can add in jQuery UI if a legacy browser accesses your site, but otherwise stick with HTML5. As you can guess, doing animations without Flash and with native acceleration AND browser compatibility can get hairy quickly.

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