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I am programming in Yii php and i'm having a little trouble with the complexity of the database here, (atleast for me).

Suppose i have this structure in a database table Person with sample data:

id(pk) | group_id | person_id | first_name  |middle_name| surname |
  1    | 45       |    5      | Richard     | Anderson  | Park    |
  2    | 7        |    4      | Mark        | Woods     | Smith   |
  3    | 7        |    5      | Richard     | Anderson  | Park    |

Suppose that each person should uniquely belong to a group (group_id) but can exist in other group, meaning two entries of 'Richard' of id '5' can exist in the database table, but no two 'Richard' should exists in the same group; e.g. two entries of 'Richard' should not be in the same group such as group_id 7.

This is a given: In each group, each name is distinct with all other name types(first_name, middle_name, surname). Meaning the name 'Anderson' can only be found as a middle_name of Richard with id 5, and there are no other 'Anderson' in the group, so a user can either type 'Richard' , or 'Park' or 'Woods' without really specifying the other names, and still retrieve a single row, given the group_id of course. There is only one 'Anderson' which is Richard.. a 'Mark Anderson' cannot exist.

Finally My question is:

Given only the: group_id and the name (but not specified what name type)

If a user say, entered a 'Richard' without really specifying that it is the first_name, middle_name or surname, how do i search for that entry, and retrieve the single row using CdbCriteria? or are there any other work arounds in php that i have to do? Thanks!

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