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this is my simple code

<%= render :partial => '/manage/regions/get_by_country', :locals => {:country_id => @last_search.country_id} %>

the @last_search.country_id has value (checked)

but while rendering the control seems that the country_id is null or empty

what i cant understand is that i use same syntax in another control and work us expected

i try also add hardcoded country_id

<%@id = 118%>
           <%= render :partial => 'manage/regions/get_by_country', :locals => {:country_id => @id} %>

and not working the control rendering but the country_id is null

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Your code should work. but try this: render 'manage/regions/get_by_country', :country_id => @last_search.country_id –  user2503775 Oct 7 '13 at 6:57
Post your manage/regions/get_by_country page code –  Amit Sharma Oct 7 '13 at 8:13

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OK i got the problem

the variable on the partial named @country_id and i passed country_id (with no the '@')

i actually don't know why in one controller its work and on the other it doesn't work

but when i change the variable on the partial to country_id (with no the '@')

its work as expected


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