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This is a plot from a 2009 paper (PDF).

Plot from

  • What software was used to draw this?
  • How can I achieve the same type of drawing the markers surrounded by white space with matplotlib?
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You could probably achieve this type of plot with several different plotting packages. To get something similar in matplotlib, try setting up the markers as follows:

import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
# random data to stand in
x1 = 0.8+0.1*np.random.rand(25)
x2 = 0.3+0.2*np.random.rand(25)
# customise the marker properties
plt.plot(x1, color='g', marker='s', mec='w', mfc='g', mew='3', ms=8)
plt.plot(x2, color='b', marker='s', mec='w', mfc='b', mew='3', ms=8)

See the plot and line2D docs for more information on the properties that you can modify.

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This seems to be a good "hack", but as pointed out at stackoverflow.com/questions/14498702, this does not work very well if multiple lines overlap, or if markers are close to one another. There is yet another hacky solution at the link - but is there really no simple way to get this to work? –  Daniel Oct 8 '13 at 11:46

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