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I need to use unordered_map with function pointer passing in, is there any workaround which can make the following code work?

struct eq_fun
    bool operator()(void* s1, const void* s2) const
        return ( _cmp_fn((void*)s1,(void*)s2) == 0 );
    int (*_cmp_fn)(void*, void*);
    eq_fun(int (*fn)(void*, void*)):_cmp_fn(fn){}

struct hash_fun
    size_t operator()(const void *p) const
        return _hash_fn(p);
    int (*_hash_fn)(const void*);
    hash_fun(int (*fn)(const void*)):_hash_fn(fn){}

unordered_map<void*,void*> *create(int (*h)(const void*),int (*cmp)(void*,void*))
    return new unordered_map<void*,void*,hash_fun(h),eq_fun(cmp)>;

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unordered_map<void*,void*,hash_fun, eq_fun> *create(int (*h)(const void*),int (*cmp)(void*,void*))
    return new unordered_map<void*,void*,hash_fun,eq_fun>(0, hash_fun(h), eq_fun(cmp));

Seems unordered_map does not have a constructor that takes only the hash function and equaility function, so I've added the minimum number of buckets parameter with a value of zero. In any case the important point is that you construct your function objects separately and pass those objects to the unordered_map constructor.

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This works!! Thanks a lot. –  DreamLinuxer Oct 7 '13 at 10:11
Is there any way to return just unordered_map<void*,void*>*? –  DreamLinuxer Oct 7 '13 at 10:18
No, if you want custom function objects you have changed the type of the hash_map. –  john Oct 7 '13 at 10:31

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