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Is it possible to add css3 properties like : "animation-name", "animation-timing-function", or values like : "display-table" in CSS syntax highlighting.

I guess it implies *css_completions.py* but I don't know how to proceed.


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Luckily you're not the first one to have this question, and this guy has made a package that does just that: https://github.com/i-akhmadullin/Sublime-CSS3

At the bottom there's a installation-guide using the package manager.

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I just pushed what I hope will be the definitive CSS3 package on Package Control. It's for Sublime Text 3 only, but it has comprehensive support for CSS3 properties, values, @-rules, etc. It also has a full set of completions for each property.

Try it out. If you have any problems, please open an issue on Github here.

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