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I was looking for a way to add some such folder in my Android Project that do no get compiled up to my apk file.

Why I need it :-

We need to maintain proper documentation for project (that actually everybody needs to ;) nothing new),

but I find it very irritating to look out for that documentation folder again and again.


I am open for any way i can make dcocumentain folder easily one click accessible (I am already doing it thru taskbar sortcut. ) But I want it to get the ease of version control thru Eclipse likewise we do it for our project

IDE :- Eclipse

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Depends on your IDE. In Android Studio/IDEA, I can right click and mark the folder as "excluded". – Simon Oct 7 '13 at 10:29
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I got a way myself :-

I had an idea that if I create a folder in my application project with some anonymous name that actually android has not listed in its directories ("I am talking about the default one like "res", "src", "anim"......)

Then either it should "raise an error" or should "ignore" it while compiling to form apk file

luckily it ignores any such folder. now i can put all the documentation in my project.


My answer empirically driven

I had tested it by creating a "Docs" folder and then copied 1 GB of random data (includes almost all type of files we came across from multimedia to zipped ones).

Then I build the apk and the size of the apk was in-effective of all this..

but when i copied the same data to assets it was showing a huge change in size of my apk file..

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Consider using Javadoc in addition or, if possible, instead of any other documentation.

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