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I am using Google Mobile Backend Starter test application, As described here,

a. Deployed a backend: Created a sample project

b. Ran the sample application on 2 android devices ( nexus 3 and S4), using this code

So, both devices have same application (i.e with same project ID)

c. Using cloud console I am able to see both devices message coming on cloud datastore.

But I am not able to see one device message to the other (and vice versa), where as the link states that

The sample Guestbook app allows you to send messages to other instances of the app.

Also, the message comes as 14:57L51 < anonymous >:hi, why anonymous?

What can be the possible reason for the same?

Note:Both devices have different gmail id's. S4 device showing only it's own message, not nexus 3 data

Nexus 3 showing only it's own message,not S4

enter image description here

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We had to enable google cloud messaging for the same. was missing it earlier.



  2. select API's,

  3. Turn ON Google Cloud Messaging for Android

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I have the same problem. I have turned ON GCM for Android as well all the other steps explained in the tutorials. Still, the other clients cannot see the messages. Have you got a clue what else I might be missing ? (btw from inspecting I couldn't find the piece of code responsible for receiving backend notifications) – Petar Nov 28 '13 at 16:20

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